As we all anticipate what turning the page on a new calendar year will bring, there are learnings and highlights from 2020 that have deepened our well of experience for clients. Here are a few that are top-of-mind for me.

  • Our clients have communicated that they highly value connectivity with our colleagues. Connectivity ensures that questions can be answered, information can be transferred, and timely advice can be received. By investing heavily in hardware, software, and systems in previous years, CCM seamlessly moved into a remote working environment with our clients.
  • Market volatility increased substantially in February and March of 2020. We’ve learned, once again, during this period of market decline, to keep our eyes trained on the cash flow needs and overall financial success of our clients. If we focus on their needs and what is important to them, the market will take care of itself. And, indeed, that is exactly what happened.
  • Alongside our clients, our most treasured assets are our colleagues. Providing them with the support that they need to serve clients during a pandemic is giving us a heightened appreciation for the incredible depth and breadth of work that they do.
  • Our local communities were hit very hard with closures of schools, businesses, and nonprofits. In response to the crisis, CCM colleagues distributed $106,000 to 110 charities to help lessen the pain of the pandemic on those most vulnerably exposed.
  • We heard from our clients that while they treasure in-person meetings and look forward to the return of handshakes and hugs, they also value virtual conversations. We will continue to enhance the virtual experience. Virtual meetings will not go away and may always remain a complement to our in-person and email/phone connectivity with clients.
  • Through our fall of 2020 client survey process, we received clear feedback that our clients really appreciate our platform of integrated services. The attribute that our clients consider most important is CCM's TEAM-BASED APPROACH. Thank you for this feedback.
  • On the improvement side, in the same survey, clients noted that RESPONSIVENESS is most valued by them in their CCM advisory relationship. You have encouraged us to provide more timely responses back to you. We have heard you!

Of course, other items deepened in 2020:

  • We continue to foster financial alignment between the firm and our colleagues. As of January 2021, 85% of our colleagues are direct shareholders of CCM. And for that we are humbled and grateful.
  • We support a commonsense and long-term approach to growing our firm. Growth allows for new thinking, new talent, new resources, and an enhanced experience for our clients. We added nine colleagues in 2020, notwithstanding the impact of the pandemic. We are confident in our ability to invest during a downturn so that we can provide future value to you, and to new families as well.

As we close the book on a historic year that we’ve navigated together, I hold in my heart an abundance of gratitude. Thank you for your grace as we’ve transitioned to a virtual environment. Thank you for sharing your life story with us. Thank you for allowing CCM to serve as your trusted advisor. We look forward to partnering with you in the journey ahead.

NOTE: The information provided in this article is intended for clients of Carlson Capital Management. We recommend that individuals consult with a professional adviser familiar with their particular situation for advice concerning specific investment, accounting, tax, and legal matters before taking any action.