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Client-centered Investment Advice

Our investment philosophy is sound, rational, efficient, integrated, compelling, and well-defined in order to help you maximize your wealth.

Maximizing Your Wealth

Your investment strategy is a key component of your overall wealth management plan, and our team is here to help make sure it aligns with the goals and risk preferences of each of our clients. As clients join Carlson Capital Management, we start by gaining a strong understanding of their goals and views about wealth and educate them about our investment philosophy and the supporting evidence and research in which it is grounded.

We make sure the investment plan we create is tailored to the individual client, that their needs and input are heard every step of the way, and that they truly understand and believe in the plan that is developed and implemented. Investment execution only takes place after we have clearly defined a prospective client’s objectives and have placed them on a path to realize those goals. The driving forces behind our investment strategy include:

  • Discipline
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Competitive returns
  • Diversification
  • Protection of principal

Pursuing a Better Investment Experience

Carlson Capital Management’s investment philosophy is based upon academic research and the belief that markets are efficient. It is designed to remove emotion, mitigate risk, capture global market returns, and drive the success of your wealth management plan. In short, there are 10 key principles that are foundational to our approach as we work to help our clients use their wealth as a tool to accomplish what is important to them.

Investment Portfolios Customized to You

We develop globally diversified portfolios for each of our clients using a combination of low cost and tax-efficient index funds, passively managed mutual funds, and ETFs. One of our distinct advantages as an independent advisory firm is our ability to leverage a suite of just-right partners that align with our investment strategy and support clients’ unique goals. This includes recent portfolio enhancements that utilize innovative and time-tested strategies designed to effectively navigate a meaningful shift in our economic landscape.

A typical portfolio will have 10 to 12 carefully selected investments. Portfolios are managed to adapt to changing economic conditions, tax considerations, cash-flow needs, and the client’s personal situation. In addition, we are pleased to extend to our clients a values-based investment strategy that honors your personal values and philosophies.


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