In 2016, our firm became one of only a few wealth management firms in the country to be employee-owned.

At CCM, central to each day’s work, every business decision we make, and every action we take as a firm is our mission: To be a trusted partner that allows our clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their retirement, investment, estate, tax, and philanthropic plans are complete, efficient, and organized, in order that they may understand and use their wealth as a tool to accomplish what is important to them. Our decision to extend ownership shares to colleagues is in pursuit of this mission and honors the commitment, professionalism, and loyalty of our colleagues.

  • It is through expert, competent, skilled, and caring colleagues that we are able to create and sustain the CCM Experience, which we deliver to each one of our clients. Every morning when a colleague enters our office they are making a choice to serve our clients and work as a CCM team member. Colleagues can choose to perform their excellent work anywhere, and they choose CCM. Owning a part of the company attracts and retains talented colleagues who are key to delivering the client experience. Succinctly stated, we aspire to be the best in the industry.
  • We care about our colleagues’ lives. We care about them reaching their professional and life goals. We want them to be rewarded for their hard work, creativity, service to clients, and commitment. We want them to be co-creators in the CCM Experience and the fulfillment of their goals.
  • We are looking to the future and are focused on continuing to build a sustainable firm. CCM is not about any one person, or any one client—it is about hundreds of people (clients and colleagues) whose lives are significantly impacted by the work we do. Diversifying ownership broadens our foundation, strengthens the engagement of stakeholders, and looks to future sustainability.

This short video clip features our colleagues talking about what we think it means for clients to work with a wealth management firm that is owned by its employees.

NOTE: The information provided in this video is intended for clients of Carlson Capital Management. We recommend that individuals consult with a professional advisor familiar with their particular situation for advice concerning specific investment, accounting, tax, and legal matters before taking any action.


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