Zero Alpha Group

Our Focus

Members of the Zero Alpha Group (ZAG) are committed to providing objective, long-term private wealth management solutions to investors, focusing on asset allocation and a structured, quantitative approach to investing.

Get to Know ZAG

ZAG is a national network of independent wealth management firms serving clients in a fiduciary capacity. This video highlights the custom approach ZAG firms take to serving clients.

CCM has been a member of the Zero Alpha Group since 2003.

The Commitment of ZAG

The firms in the ZAG network share a common philosophy about investing and client service, that is—a commitment to passive, tax-managed investment strategies while providing independent financial planning solutions for investors. The members of Zero Alpha Group share a commitment to:

  • Serve as a provider of quality investment solutions with real value;
  • Build investment solutions that are efficient, low cost and risk measured;
  • Disclose all relevant information;
  • Place the client first, as is our fiduciary responsibility;
  • Maintain independence against all outside commercial or personal influences; and
  • Subjugate all other goals to the needs of the client.

Members of the Carlson Capital Management team serve actively on the Zero Alpha Group Executive Committee, are part of the Zero Alpha Group Collaboration Forum, and have participated in the Zero Alpha Group Leadership Institute.

CEFEX Certified Financial Advisors

ZAG firms are CEFEX certified, meaning they adhere to a global fiduciary standard of excellence and a commitment to always acting in clients’ best interest. Carlson Capital Management is recognized as one of the first of investment advisors globally to complete the CEFEX certification process.