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Carlson Portfolios Fee Structure

Our Commitment to You

Our independent, fee-based offering allows us to focus on one simple thing: what is in your best interest.

Partnering With a Fee-based Fiduciary

The Benefits

Early on in the formation of our firm, we recognized that the compensation structure we would adhere to would directly relate to the level of transparency in relationships with our clients. Advantages of working with a fee-based firm include:

  • Objective recommendations: centered on your personal goals.
  • Long-term perspective: focusing on long-term results, not short-term profits.
  • Clear fee structure: where clients are never needing to question what “soft” or “hidden” costs are behind a product or service.

Carlson Portfolios Fees

For situations that are less complex.

  • The first $500,000: 1.25%
  • The next $1,500,000: 1.00%

If you choose to leverage the trust or tax return services of CCM Tax & Trust Administration, additional fees will be assessed.


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We desire to provide valuable services that deliver on your investment in our firm and then some.