Women’s Initiative

Promoting the Financial Empowerment of Women

At Carlson Capital Management, we aim to serve all clients in ways that are customized to their individual needs. This approach is engrained in our mission and has shaped our identity as a firm since our founding.

Quality Advice, Distinct Approach

As our team of women colleagues at CCM has grown, so has our passion for empowering women to be confident in controlling their finances. Toward this purpose, the Women’s Initiative was created.

We firmly believe that women deserve the same quality of financial advice as men. Yet we recognize that women may have financial priorities, goals, and concerns that differ from those of men. In addition, women may have life experiences or situations that merit a distinct approach. 

By creating opportunities for women to learn, ask questions, reflect, and discuss ideas with one another, we hope to help women find their financial voice so they can be fully engaged in their financial future.

Helping Women Find Their Financial Voice

At CCM, we firmly believe that financial advice is genderless. That is, financial advice isn’t different for women than for men. Explore content from the CCM team that is designed to help women of all ages use their wealth to accomplish what is important to them.

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