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Carlson Portfolios

A Streamlined Solution

Carlson Portfolios offers access to the expertise and care for which Carlson Capital Management is known, while focusing on the needs of clients whose situations are less complex than a traditional integrated wealth management client.

Planning to Support Your Goals

We recognize the value in providing a solution for clients who do not have the complexity in their situations that require the array of solutions provided by our integrated wealth management services. Carlson Portfolios offers the investment discipline and structure of our traditional offering and leverages the same investment research capabilities, portfolio management team, CEFEX™ certified process, leading-edge technology, and proven track record.

A Practical Option

Carlson Portfolios is a wise and practical option for investment clients with $500,000 or more to invest and the ideal solution for several types of clients:

  • Children of CCM clients either just beginning to invest or in an accumulation phase
  • Clients in the draw-down phase as retirees needing income from their investments
  • Young professionals beginning their investment journey

For some, starting on the Carlson Portfolios path is the beginning of engaging CCM and may progress to the integrated wealth management platform as need arises for more advanced financial planning. For others, the solutions and advisory experience of Carlson Portfolios will suit their needs for years to come.

I thoroughly enjoy working with clients—listening to their stories, hearing about their backgrounds, trying to learn what drives them, and what is ultimately important to them.

Andy Hauskins, CFP®
Senior Integrated Wealth Advisor, Director of Carlson Portfolios

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