Our Approach

Foundational Values

Our deep commitment to each client we serve is built upon foundational values such as honesty, hard work, and a strong sense of personal dedication. In an industry too often defined by short-term results and shifting values, Carlson Capital Management has stood apart for more than 35 years.

Start With Trust

Each member of our team understands that we are here to help our clients use their wealth to gain peace of mind, while adding significance and meaning to their lives. We know that their dreams, goals, and the well-being of their family’s future rely, in part, on our counsel. Our deep and lasting client partnerships begin with trust and are sustained by a high level of service and competency.

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Integrated Expertise

By positioning our clients and their families at the center of all we do, we’ve created an integrated approach to wealth management that unlocks opportunities and surrounds them with wisdom and expertise. We integrate the process and make decisions based on an entire spectrum of information, bringing order to a complex situation.

Unlock the Big Picture

We know the key to helping a client unlock the potential of their wealth is to integrate all aspects of their financial planning. Clients have likely aligned themselves with CPAs, attorneys, stock brokers, insurance agents and other advisors. While these providers may excel at what they do, they may lack expertise in other fields, not seeing the big picture of a financial situation.

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Disciplined Perspective

Our long-term perspective provides the patience and guidance required for steady growth and protection. Rather than relying on shifting trends or fleeting emotions, our managed, disciplined approach captures market returns in each of the important asset classes of a well-diversified investment portfolio

Build the Vision

Where many are tempted to select investments on feelings or instincts, we first ask insightful questions and listen to a client’s individual situation. After clarifying objectives and goals, we’re able to help develop and implement a financial plan and provide investment management. The result is a powerful vision and a realistic plan that provides the stability, financial freedom, and protection our clients deserve.

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Independent Insight

CCM’s independent, fee-based model provides a structure for the highest levels of objectivity, integrity, and fiduciary responsibility. Our commitment to putting the client first has shaped our organization and shapes your experience.

Committed to Transparency

To avoid any conflicts of interest regarding our decisions or advice, we have retained our independent status. As a result, we are free to be impartial in our counsel. The criteria we use to determine each recommendation is simple: what course of action is best for you?

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Take the Next Step

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