Cybersecurity at CCM

Safeguarding Your Identity, Data, and Assets

At CCM, we view cybersecurity as a partnership between our firm and our clients. We have numerous measures in place to protect client information, and we also have recommendations for preventive steps our clients can take to protect themselves.

CCM Security Measures and Information

Data Center Security

We use many controls to protect data at Carlson Capital Management. Our electronic data resides in a secure data center, with a documented disaster recovery plan that includes redundant and failover servers, routers, and switches. We employ an advanced access control framework that enables secure authentication, records logs of user activity, and allows administrators to control which users have access to servers, applications, files, and folders. Limiting who has access to our system dramatically reduces the chance of an unauthorized party accessing confidential data. Data center operations staff follows a best practice system-hardening process to strengthen our core systems and network devices from potential attacks.

Business Risk Mitigation Committee

We have an internal committee of colleagues who meet regularly to review the firm’s business practices and procedures with the intent of identifying and addressing potential areas of risk mitigation. The committee consists of a diverse group of colleagues representing teams and departments throughout the firm, ensuring a broad range of representation and coverage for the organization.

Each year we update our Privacy Policy which outlines how we handle and maintain confidential personal information as we fulfill our commitment and our obligations to protect your privacy. 

Protecting Your Personal Information and Privacy

It’s important for you to protect your personal information from identity theft and understand online privacy. In doing so, you’re more likely to avoid falling victim to an a phone, text, email, or online scam. If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of a communication you receive about your accounts at Carlson Capital Management, please contact us immediately.

How to Respond to a Data Breach

Time is of the essence, whether your personal data has been compromised as part of a larger targeted cyberattack, or you are the victim of an individual cybercrime. You’ll need to take immediate action to minimize the impacts. These are steps you should take after discovering your data has been breached or if you suspect that you are the victim of fraud or identity theft:

  • Contact Carlson Capital Management so that we can watch for suspicious activity and collaborate with you on extra precautions.
  • Contact the Schwab Alliance team at 800.515.2157. For suspected fraud cases, Schwab will escalate your matter to the Fraud Prevention & Investigations team to investigate your case and take necessary precautions to prevent further unauthorized debits. If you suspect identity theft, they will discuss with you how Schwab handles accounts of clients who’ve had their identity stolen or their account hacked.
  • Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Identity Theft website.